Chase Douglass

Chase Douglass
Team Number:72
Birth Date:12/31/1969
Position:Offensive Lineman

More Info
Air Force Falcons football offensive lineman, Chase Douglass, was raised in the football-focused town of Flower Mound, Texas. In that athletic environment, Chase Douglass cultivated an early love for the sport. Chase Douglass played varsity for the Marcus High School football team and clicked in the position of offensive lineman.

Chase Douglass selected the Air Force Falcons football team as a play to continue his love for the sport at a more advanced level. Chase Douglass stands at 6'6" and weighs in at 275 pounds, making him both the tallest and heaviest player on the Air Force Falcons roster.

Chase Douglass wears Air Force Falcons jersey number 72 and loves the cheering fan sections at the home and away games. Chase Douglass entered the 2010 season as a sophomore, guaranteed playing time on the field.

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