AirForce Cheerleaders

AirForce Cheerleaders
Team Number:1
Birth Date:01/01/2010

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The Air Force Academy Spirit Program is made up four different teams, including the Silver Squad, the Blue Squad, the Mic man, as well as the mascot Bird and the Pom Squad.

The Blue Squad is the Varsity squad and primarily made up of juniors and seniors, while the Silver Squad is the Junior Varsity and made up of primarily freshmen and sophomores. The Silver and Blue Squads are co-ed with up to twelve or thirteen participants in each group. The Air Force Cheerleading squad has quite possibly the longest season out, practicing all year round.

The Air Force Falcons Cheerleaders continue to keep busy and to work hard in order to bring the best show to their fans as possible. The Air Force Falcons Spirit groups can be seen all around campus when there isn’t a game going on. The Cheerleaders continue to support their school by attending charity events, fundraisers and alumni events at the Air Force Academy as well.

Check out the Air Force Falcons Cheerleaders at any Air Force sporting event and you won’t be disappointed!

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